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About Macwest Data Recovery

MacWest Computer Repair Service employees have been providing Mac repair service and computer repair services for Los Angeles since 2000. We have all the computer and IT experience we need. We support small businesses in Los Angeles area and buy our services and supplies from small businesses to support American economy.

 We provide an end-to-end solution to support your employees, hardware, software, and systems. Services include hardware maintenance & support, software support, new technology deployment, remote office support and more. LOW COST Data Recovery and Mac Repairs. Mac repair Los Angeles: Free Estimates, Same Day Mac Repairs, Data Recovery ( Free Diagnosis ) Low cost, fast and reliable Mac repairs, Apple Store alternative. Reliable data recovery service of Los Angeles specialize in: Raid Recovery, Laptop Data Retrieval, Hard Drive Data Recovery, Mac Data Recovery, Email/File Data Recovery. Data recovery from Western Digital WD, G-Tech, iOmega, Hitachi, Seagate Drive and many more. Los Angeles Data Recovery provider MacWest specializes in recovering vital data for companies in Los Angeles. When your RAID fails or your database becomes inaccessible, we can repair your RAID and recover your data, enabling you to maintain business continuity. At Macwest Computer, we provide an expert Los Angeles Mac repair service because we know how important your Mac is to you. We're committed to delivering the best Mac repair no matter what you use your Mac for.


  • Free Diagnosis, Free Estimates. Most places charge over $60 to $200.
  • No Recovery, No Charge. If we cannot recover your data, it's free.
  • Over 98% Data Recovery Success Rate
  • Prompt Turnaround. Fastest Recovery Process in Los Angeles!
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed. Friendly and honest data recovery service

This is a dedicated, trustworthy professional business. They even accommodated my schedule beyond his regular business hours.

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Western Digital Data Recovery: My Passport, My Book & Pro, Elements

Western Digital is one of the leading brands in the hard drive sector, with many relying on its speed and positive reliability. But even a brand with such a good reputation can fail and may need recovery. Macwest Data Recovery performs Western Digital recovery for any hard drive that has failed for various reasons.

Western Digital, also known as W.D, might also need recovery if the hard drive begins to slow down at a rapid pace, the slowing of the drive could indicate that there is something wrong with the software and the drive is in danger of crashing. Other problems that can indicate a possible W.D hard drive crash is a loud noise coming from your hard drive, in which hard drive recovery will be needed.

Many straight forward as well as highly complicated Western Digital hard drive failure cases come through the doors of Macwest Data Recovery, but our technicians are equipped to handle any problem no matter the nature of the failure. If you experience a hard drive failure, then Western Digital Recovery performed by the Macwest Data Recovery team will restore what is lost or damaged.

Seagate Data Recovery:

If you are suffering from a hard drive crash and require immediate Seagate hard drive recovery, Macwest Data Recovery can help. Successfully recovering data since 2003, Macwest’s engineers have proven over and over again that we are the expert choice for Seagate hard disk recovery. No matter what your data loss problem may be, Macwest has the experience and the expertise to ensure that you receive a secure, speedy, and confidential recovery for your Seagate hard disk drive.

The Seagate data recovery process for your data can begin with our online data recovery form or, by simply calling 310 866 0828 and speaking with one of our professionals. Your Macwest recovery professional will step you through a series of questions to determine the likelihood of data recoverability, potential costs involved and guide you through the process. Depending on the type of data recovery service you choose, your data could be recovered in as little as 24 hours.

Lacie Data Recovery:

MVI Data Recovery repairs and restores all external drives and specialises in mainly Iomega, Freecom, G-Tech and LaCie recovery. The technicians from Macwest Data Recovery will professionally recover any lost or damaged data from your LaCie external drive. So, if you find yourself in the midst of a hard drive failure predicament, then contacting Macwest Data Recovery to fix and revive your hard drive disaster is your best bet and will result in a once again fully working hard drive.

LaCie products have always led the pack when it comes to hard drives, storage devices and their new and innovative product releases but they are not out of failure danger and may at some time need recovery. As new and innovative as these devices are, numerous complaints seem to arise after approximately one year of usage, and many individuals experience damage or data loss problems with their external hard drives. If you are experiencing problems with your LaCie hard drive, then send it into Macwest Data Recovery and we will repair the drive as well as restore the data that was previously lost or that could not be accessed any longer.

G-Tech Data Recovery:

G-Technology external hard disk storage system for Apple MAC systems normally comprise of 1 to 4 disks. Multiple drive G Raids are usually configured as RAID 0, 10 or RAID 5 depending on the number of drives.

G-RAID is a dual drive storage solution design mainly for Apple Mac operating systems. Manufactured by G-Technology in partnership with Hitachi hard disk drive manufacturers. Most of the G-RAID drives are stripped through Oxford 936 chipset. When a G-RAID drive fails, many data recovery companies find it hard to recover the entire drive data, this is due to the complexity and the dynamic parity rotation of the RAID chipset.

Toshiba & Hitachi Data Recovery:

Toshiba hard drive data recovery is our specialist area of expertise. Our technicians go through rigorous and regular training to ensure they are always ready to deal with the latest makes and models of Toshiba hard drives when they fail. This means we are always fully equipped to deal with the most challenging aspects of Toshiba hard drive data recovery.

We guarantee successful results in recovering data from Toshiba hard drives. On the rare occasion where we are unable to recover data from your Toshiba hard drive or you are not happy 100% with the results, you as our valued customer, will NOT pay us a penny. We ONLY get paid on results.










data recovery service in 3 levels

Data recovery simply has 3 levels. We tried to simplify data recovery story for you. Give us a call for more detailed consultation about data recovery.


minor damage

minor damage

Apples to deleted files, formatted or corrupted media. Very high chance of recovery. Takes 1-3 days.



Hard drive is failing or it has too many bad sectors on disk surface or can't see hard drive. Takes longer time.

physical damage

physical damage

Hard drive is clicking or weird noises coming from inside. Hard drive needs to be repaired before data recovery.